Aquashower Replacement Filter Cartridge


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Dimensions: 3″ w x 4.75″ h
Weight: 1lb. 4 oz.
Filter Application: Chlorine, sediment
Filter Efficiency: 90%
Filter Media: KDF-55
Replacement Filter: Model AQSF
Filter Capacity: 25,000 gallons (6-7 months)
Operating Temperature Range: 40° F (5° C) to 120° (49° C)
Operating Water Pressure Range: 30 psi to 100 psi

How to Install the Filter Cartridge

Installing and Changing a Filter Cartridge

1. Unscrew housing cap from housing body. (Fig. 1)


2. Re-position two internal rubber o-rings if they are dislodged. Place small o-ring into the groove in the filter housing body. Place large o-ring into groove in housing cap. Be sure the o-rings and the grooves they are placed into are clean and free of any grains of filtering media.


3. Place filter cartridge into housing body. Screw the top and bottom parts together. (Fig. 2–4) Hand tighten only. (External black body ring is decorative only)




4. If this unit is equipped with a red plastic thread protector or washer retainer at the inlet of the housing body, remove and discard. Now attach the filter by threading unit onto the shower water pipe. Firm hand tightening without plumber’s tape should be sufficient for leak free operation. (Fig. 4–5) DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.


5. Allow the water to run through the filter for 30 to 60 seconds before the first use.


6. If this Aquashower is not equipped with a Multipure showerhead, you may use any good quality showerhead or a hand held shower unit. Attach the flexible hose part of a hand held unit to the outlet threads of the filter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any other assembly required. Please use only a low flow showerhead manufactured since 1993. It should be a high quality showerhead not an economy plastic showerhead. It should conform to the requirements of the US Energy Policy Act of 1994. NOTE. Maximum chlorine removal is achieved with a water flow rate of no more than 2.0 gpm at 80 psi. At this flow rate, sufficient water contact time with the media is achieved.

Wonder Washer (Fig. 6 & 7)

All our shower filters now use the unique and exclusive Wonder Washer. The Wonder Washer replaces the sediment screen previously used on our shower filters. The Wonder Washer uses a beveled washer into which we insert a custom machined sleeve and base. This eliminates the need for Teflon or plumbers tape for a leak free seal. It also solves the problem of thin-walled shower arms cutting into a flat rubber washer allowing the washer to collapse and be drawn into the shower arm or pipe itself, causing a leak. The unique brass insert stabilizes the beveled washer making it impossible to collapse. We consider this a quality feature for

our quality shower filter products.

When to Change Your Cartridge and Housing Body

The Aquashower shower filter should remove unhealthy free chlorine for a period of 6 to 7 months. Chlorine levels vary from city to city. If you live in an area where the source water contains high levels of suspended solids or where scale buildup in pipes is excessive, you may experience an early reduction in water flow. This may be an indication that you need to replace the cartridge more frequently than the recommended 6 to 7 months. For best results, the housing body should be replaced every 3 years or as needed.

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