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Without water, life could not exist – we could not exist.
Alkalizing & Energizing Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

Most people drink nowhere near enough water and the water they do drink is oxidizing, acid (low pH) and contributes to premature aging. This has been proven in thousands of clinical cases. Today, acidity abounds due to improper eating and drinking habits. This acidity sets the stage for almost every illness you can name. You will be amazed at the health goals you can achieve when acidity is no longer ruling your body.

Features of IonPod

  • Creates Alkaline Antioxidant Water
  • Alkakines pH by up to 2000%
  • Increases Hydration!
  • Creates Silky Smooth, Fresh Tasting Water in Minutes!
  • Contains Silver & Anti-backterial Ceramic Spheres!






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