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Each title is researched and prepared by a Permacharts Subject Matter Expert (SME). These professionals ensure that you get the best and most relevant information on the title of your choice. Each title contains content that will provide easy-to-read and easy-to-understand training and performance support on the subject – and all presented in the most useful way. Each Permacharts guide is laminated in a tough plastic exterior to ensure that it will go where you go and last as long as you need it. Best of all, Permacharts reference guides are affordable and offer a great value in useful information so why not own them all?

Includes: Dehydration, Detoxification, Food Combining, Juicing, Lifestyle, Optimal Digestion, Raw Kitchen, Storing Goods, Super Foods, Wheatgrass, Kitchen Math, Breast Self-Examination and Natural Home Remedies.

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