Do the holidays leave you feeling stressed and disconnected?

The holiday season can be a jam-packed time of stress from all sides: a busy work schedule, a family dynamic that causes friction, too many holiday parties to count…

It can really put a stressful spin on what should be a joy-filled season.

This year, let’s do things a little differently.

I’ve created the Merry Mindfulness Series to help you stay sane and sustained through the holiday season, intentionally making it as joyful and peaceful as possible.

During our Merry Mindfulness Series, you’ll learn:

  • What the Merry & Mindful 3 is and how to use it daily.
  • Mindfulness hacks to stay sane and present each day.
  • Daily movement suggestions to keep your body moving in a stress-free way that fits into your busy schedule.

Being intentional about making this a joy-filled season is all it takes to make it one to remember. Let’s do this together.

Join me for my 5-day Merry Mindfulness Series