Okay, the Living Water Essential is one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my family. We love it. It’s our approach to start living healthy, drinking healthy water, and when I decided to do that, I looked at my children and I said I’m responsible for their health so it’s important for me that they get good nutrition, as well as good water.

And also, the fact that we don’t have to buy water bottle, we don’t have to contaminate our beautiful environment. They fill up their water bottle, they take it to their sporting games, they take it to school, they take it with them everywhere they go, as well as I do the same! I bring it to work. Sometimes if I’m nice, I will share it with the other folks here at work. We love it; it’s a great addition to us starting to live and have a healthy lifestyle. As well as not only just for drinking, but for cooking, washing our vegetables…now I know that I’m putting good product in front of my family and they are eating healthy food, as well as drinking healthy water.