I loved I loved the venue, Natural Horizons Wellness Center. Elaine, the energy, food and company really lit a fire under me. The presentations were great and I am ready to get back to green juicing again!

I met Elaine a couple of years ago at a Yoga class…my life has changed since then. She is an awesome person and so willing to share all her knowledge. I was starting to juice at that time but Elaine provided so much more information. She also introduced us to the needs of Alkaline water and the general needs of keeping our bodies alkaline. She is a good friend and we are blessed to have met her!

I just had to write and tell you about the huge impact having the Air Purifiers have had on my family. For years I have had allergies that would literally bring me to my knees and make me stop working. Since we purchased the purifiers (one in my office and one in our bedroom) I have not had one problem. I was even able to keep windows open during the height of the pollen season with no problems. My husband and daughter too have been allergy and cold free. Thank you for giving me my life back.

I want to thank you for introducing me to the Fresh Air Purifier! I suffer from allergies during the spring and fall. Since we have started using our Living Air Purifier, I feel like a different person during what used to be a terrible time for me! I have also noticed that even when I cook, odors that used to “linger,” no longer do. I will be your best advertisement!

I have been complaining for months about the smell of Cat that permeates my house. My solution has been to neurotically clean my carpets. After less than 24hrs of having the Fresh Air running I can walk into our house and smell nothing but clean, fresh air.

We love having the Fresh Air Purifier here at the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce office. It was quite a blessing during our recent renovations. The first odor to overcome was the harsh chemical smell used to “clean-up” after the asbestos abatement work. Then there was the dust, three months of dust. Now that the work is done, the Fresh Air Purifier keeps our beautiful new office smelling just that, new. We have hosted several networking events and each time the food is wonderful but when the people leave I also want the food smells to leave, after all it’s an office not a kitchen.

Upon moving into a new office, I began to have headaches from the new carpet and paint fumes. I purchased an air purifier and within a day and a half carpet and paint fumes disappeared along with my headaches! Our entire staff feels better. It was a natural decision to place two purifiers in our home. Now our office staff and my family enjoy safe clean air.

When Elaine says she is a living testimonial to the raw lifestyle, she means it. I have known Elaine for more than 20 years and she looks healthier, more vibrant and younger than ever. Elaine, can’t wait to try some of your recipes. If I can look and feel half as healthy as you do, I will be happy!!

Elaine recommended the fresh air system for us because our boys have asthma and allergies. Since installing the unit, my children have been doing so much better. They rarely ever use their inhalers and they are off all seasonal medications. I also don’t believe in flu shots and I am happy to say that my children have not gotten the flu even through the swine flu epidemic. I really believe that they are healthier because of the fresh air unit and would love to see all schools, day care units and child activity centers purchase the units.

Okay, the Living Water Essential is one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my family. We love it. It’s our approach to start living healthy, drinking healthy water, and when I decided to do that, I looked at my children and I said I’m responsible for their health so it’s important for me that they get good nutrition, as well as good water.

And also, the fact that we don’t have to buy water bottle, we don’t have to contaminate our beautiful environment. They fill up their water bottle, they take it to their sporting games, they take it to school, they take it with them everywhere they go, as well as I do the same! I bring it to work. Sometimes if I’m nice, I will share it with the other folks here at work. We love it; it’s a great addition to us starting to live and have a healthy lifestyle. As well as not only just for drinking, but for cooking, washing our vegetables…now I know that I’m putting good product in front of my family and they are eating healthy food, as well as drinking healthy water.