Want a system to know exactly what to cook each week?

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September 27 – October 1

If hearing “what’s for dinner?” makes your head spin because you have absolutely no idea — creating a meal planning system will change your life.

It’ll help alleviate any stress when it comes to planning your meals.

It’ll help you have a system to rotate recipes, so you aren’t eating the same meals every week.

And it’ll help your family already know what’s for dinner, so they don’t have to ask you!

Did that daydream cloud pop up over your head imagining that?

I know, it sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But it’s entirely possible, and that’s what we’re doing during our time together.

If you’re ready to create your personal meal planning system that’ll work for your life, your family, and your schedule, the 5-Day Create Your Meal Planning System Challenge is for you.

After these 5 days together, you will:

Create a meal schedule that works for you

 Choose a batch of recipes you can rotate

 How to prepare your pantry for success

… and more!


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